NEO Price Analysis! | July 27

Popular cryptocurrency NEO has been on the rise, as with most cryptocurrencies. Let’s examine NEO Price Analysis july 27 together!

NEO Analysis!

Basically, we can say that the popular cryptocurrency is making voluminous progress. For now, the crypto money market has started to rise and Bitcoin has managed to rise above $ 40 thousand. This move, which has a large share in altcoin increases, of course also affected NEO. Analysts’ overall market view is positive, but there are few analysts talking about NEO. There are many traders who share that there is a voluminous rise in social media shares. This shows us that it is a preferred cryptocurrency.

Significant Support Levels for NEO!

While there was a serious decline in cryptocurrencies, NEO, which fell to the level of $ 25.90, showed a rapid recovery. After this recovery, it regressed again due to the fact that the market did not progress positively. This time, he managed to hold on to the support level that he managed to hold on in the first decline. It can be said that the $25 levels are a strong support. Before this level, we can say that he managed to find a support at the level of $ 31.20. According to many analysts, it is possible to follow these levels and to expect a lower support in case of a breakdown.

Resistance Level!

Today is the 7th day that Bitcoin lights a green candle. For this reason, we can say that the price is slightly lower than yesterday. This may be because the market has been on the rise for a week nonstop. It is possible to see similar movements as NEO and almost all altcoins follow Bitcoin. For this reason, many analysts describe these declines as a pullback. NEO, on the other hand, looks like it will face a few key levels to rise.

The popular cryptocurrency is trading at $ 32.62 at the time of writing. The first level of resistance that is expected to come across seems to be $34. Analysts say that if it manages to break this level in volume, there is a possibility of encountering the next level of support. We can say that the probability of encountering a selling pressure between 37,60 and 38,60 levels is quite high. For this reason, it seems that these levels will appear as resistance levels.

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