What is Aion? (AION)

The Beginner’s Guide

The Aion network is a multi-layered solution aimed at resolving privacy, scalability, and cross-platform communication. AION, the platform’s own crypto currency, has an in-platform use.

Why Released

First layer blockchain projects enabled only peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. However, complex applications can be developed on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. However, cross-platform communication was not possible in first and second generation solutions. That’s why it entered the market. Another situation was that there may be a need for transition between platforms for third parties. But Aion easily solves this problem.

What are the Features of the Aion Network?

Aion provides a solution for cryptocurrencies and networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Zcash (ZEC) to fail to communicate. Thanks to the multi-layered network they designed, you can easily communicate with other platforms without implementing complex processes. The company, which creates cryptocurrency in Ethereum ERC-20 standard as a solution, is working on more advanced solutions with its experienced staff. However, the Aion network can be used easily.

The Team

Heading the team is Nuco Global and CEO of the Aion Foundation, Matthew Spoke. Subsequently, Nuco CTO Junius Tu and engineers Ali Sharif, Chris Lin and Alexandra Roatis are expert software developers who have worked in software development for many years. Then there are business development experts Duncan Cameron and Dipesh Pradhan, while CFO position Jason Burke and COO position Kesem Frank can be seen as important names in the project.

Uses of the Aion Network

The AION CEO listed several use cases for his networks:

1. Startups

It offers an efficient way to match startups with solutions offered by different platforms. In this way, founders can easily return to their areas of expertise.

2. Companies

With the cross-platform interaction, the service provided by Aion, large industries will not have to look at which blockchain platforms other companies are using. In this way, companies will be saved from additional time and software development costs.

3. Decentralized Application Development

Software developers develop applications on different blockchain networks. However, since interaction between platforms is limited, they can stay on a single protocol. Aion, on the other hand, enables to solve this problem by developing software on its own platforms.

4. Approvers

Since the main users of the Aion platform are the validators, all the work in the system runs through them. The role of validators is to look at and control all transactions. After confirming the transactions, it performs the transfer transactions between other blockchain platforms.

5. Bridge Construction

On the other hand, core developers create bridges that allow cross-network transactions and monitor activities.

What Does It Do?

As the world’s first cross-platform blockchain application, Aion allows interaction with different blockchain platforms. Especially considering that we are in an age where bridges between platforms are established, it is a very important development that projects like Aion are on the market. Finally, it can significantly reduce software development costs with the infrastructure it provides.

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