What is The Sandbox? (SAND)

Sandbox is software running on Ethereum that operates a decentralized virtual game world.

At its core, Sandbox is a game where players can purchase digital lands called LANDs and create experiences on them to share with other users. As such, Sandbox is a blockchain-based metaverse model in the same vein as Decentraland.

The Sandbox is in addition to the NFT type LAND token. It contains two more local tokens that manage transactions in the metastore:

  • SAND tokens: purchasing LAND, interacting with user-generated content. And it is used to facilitate various operations that are part of its game, including staking to participate in the governance of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • ASSET tokens: Non-modifiable tokens (NFTs) that represent in-game items such as equipment for avatars and creations used to populate the LAND. They can be traded in The Sandbox’s market.

How does the sandbox work?

Sandbox software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of digital LAND and NFT ASSETS in its application. Users interact more with its ecosystem using Ethereum wallets that hold SAND tokens.

Developers are also free to innovate on the Sandbox platform by designing animations and interactions experienced in their virtual real estate using a variety of tools:

  • Voxel Editor. – Designing creations such as equipment (such as clothing or weapons) focused on users, flora, fauna and avatars. And to bring it to life, it can create voxels, the smallest unit of three-dimensional design.
  • GameMaker. – Tools that allow users to create 3D games in their LAND using ASSETS they have created or purchased in the marketplace.

Users can upload their creations to the Sandbox marketplace, where they first save them as ERC1155 tokens (Assets) on the Ethereum blockchain. These ASSETS can then be traded using the SAND.

Who created the Sandbox (SAND)?

The first version was released as a mobile game in early 2012 with the collaboration of Pixowl and onimatrix.

In 2018, game developer Animoca acquired Pixowl, and the company announced its intention to create a 3D sandbox-style world by leveraging blockchain technology to leverage the economy of user-generated content (UGC) and tokens.

The Sandbox team held an initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2020. And it has raised the equivalent of $3 million to fund its future operations.

Why is SAND valuable?

SAND is the utility icon of The Sandbox’s versatile ecosystem. And create ASSET tokens, buy and sell ASSETs in the market. It can be used to participate in LAND-related operations and interact with user-created experiences.

SAND is also The Sandbox DAO’s governance token; This means that ownership of SAND tokens gives users the right to vote to develop the platform as they wish.

Also, the supply of SAND is limited. So according to the rules of the software there will be only 3 billion SAND tokens.

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