9 Best Games to Earn Crypto While Playing

In this article, we will talk about the 9 best games where you can earn crypto while playing. Play-to-win games are one of the fastest growing segments in the crypto asset market. In 2020, with the effect of quarantine, players started to show interest and even after this interest continued.

According to DappRadar, daily activity across all crypto-asset games on PC, Android and iOS increased by 35% in January-December. Its market value has increased even more.

In early 2021, a wave of NFTs sold for interesting amounts swept the gaming world. According to Statista’s reports, total NFT trading volume reached $22 billion in August from $338 million in January. Most of this money is concentrated in games that provide unique collectibles for in-game items.

Making money in crypto asset games with NFTs is getting more interesting. For example, in Battle Pets, pets are represented as tokens. Players can collect, grow, breed, wage battles between pets or withdraw crypto assets earned by selling them to their wallets.

We have listed the 9 best crypto games where you can earn money while playing.

1-Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, a crypto asset acquisition game inspired by Pokémon and Tamagotchi, was around 810% of daily activity in 2020. The project has become so popular that in August 2021 it surpassed the best practices in the Ethereum network in terms of the number of transactions on the protocol. In September 2021, the weekly large trading volume was $1.29 million.

To play the game, you must have two wallets, MetaMask and Ronin. ETH coins from the first are exchanged for WETH and transferred to the second.

A player receives 1 SLP (Axie Infinity internal token) when they win the arcade battle against a computer. It can receive up to 100 SLPs per day and then use them for pass or sale at the current US dollar rate. This price also applies to token purchase and SLPs are burned after they are spent.

The other crypto asset of the game is AXS tokens. They are required for in-game purchases and are not burned after transactions. AXS is awarded to users for time spent in the game. The current value of the tokens (as of October 2021) is $145.08.


Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, CryptoBlades is all about battles where you have to create and equip characters. It is one of the most popular crypto-asset gaming projects today, paying each user a share of $3 million per day. The transaction volume on decentralized application (DApp) CryptoBlades is $99.65 million per month.

Players receive revenue from rewards for battle victories, character sales, and in-game items (NFTs). Having a linked MetaMask wallet is a prerequisite to play. The user first purchases BNB tokens and then exchanges them for the internal CryptoBlades token SKILL. With this money, the player can buy weapons, perform all internal operations in the game.

As of October 2021, CryptoBlades’ native cryptocurrency SKILL is trading at $20.18. Since August 2021, SKILL has lost 42.1%.

3-Alien Worlds

Crypto asset earning game Alien Worlds is one of the fastest growing and most popular in the DApp market. More than 2.7 million people currently play the game, and approximately 745,000 new members join Metaverse each month.

Alien Worlds is the only game project that runs on three simultaneous networks – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and WAX. However, all settlement and technical processes go through WAX, a fast-paced blockchain with low fees.

WAX is used to pay commissions and place bets in-game. It is also used to buy and sell all NFTs (lands, weapons, avatars and artifacts).

During the game, users receive TLM tokens, the game’s native token, which is also designed to purchase in-game items and complete missions. The maximum TLM commission is 10 billion. Currently, there are approximately 0.9 billion tokens in circulation worth $0.22.


Splinterlands is a collectible crypto card game powered by the Hive blockchain. Under the terms, users collect rare monster cards (NFT) to fight other participants. The project is a trend abroad and now translated into Russian. It is visited by more than 96.7 thousand players monthly and the total transaction volume exceeds 67.2 million dollars.

You can earn DEC tokens in the game. Splinterlands’ ground token SPS is traded on Uniswap and Tron commodity exchanges as of October 2021. SPS can be bought and sold for $0.54 on seven trading platforms.

You can start the game for free, but to complete the game it is recommended to purchase the Quest Book, which allows you to get chests that can earn you money. Elixir, Splinterlands tokens (DEC) or NFT cards appear from each chest.


The R-PLANET game is also about NFT and built on the WAX ​​blockchain. In the story, players go to prepare Mars for colonization, and on the way they must create new items that will make it possible to settle in a new home. For this type of item, the user receives an NFT.

The game launched at the end of 2020 and gained a lot of fans. There are 37.5 thousand active participants on the platform every month.

The primary way to make money on R-PLANET is to stake NFT. Artifacts bring AETHER tokens, which can be bought or sold on the Alcor exchange for the primary elements (earth, air, water, fire).

The player can use their lands to mine resources and exchange them for AETHER. Created items can not only be staked, but also sold on one of the WAX ​​marketplaces.

Another opportunity to make money in the game is staking other projects purchased from the WAX ​​market with NFT.

The AETHER token is traded on the DEX. Alcor decentralized exchange works with the WAX ​​blockchain.

6-My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet runs on the BSC blockchain and is similar in functionality to Axie Infinity. It requires players to breed and breed pets, but the gameplay is much simpler. In July 2021, the My DeFi Pet token experienced a tenfold increase. But by the end of the summer, the price was halved (to $4.10).

DPET is the main game currency. It will be used to trade and improve pets and their special attributes.

According to Coinmarketcap data, as of October, DPET is trading at $2.17.

The game is more like a farm. First, you need to buy an egg for three DPETs and raise a pet from it. Eggs can be purchased on the market or obtained by crossing pets.

7-Crypto Zoon

Crypto Zoon is a new game running on the BSC blockchain. Inspired by the history of Pokémon, the platform offers the chance to collect funny characters by fighting the alien Yaki race and getting rewards.

ZOON is a proprietary in-game token used to reward users for victories in battles, buy eggs and raise pets. As of October 2021, the current Crypto Zoon price is $0.01663.


Upland game is a game gaining popularity in the Russian online community. The platform is based on the EOS blockchain and is a virtual version of Monopoly, where participants buy, sell and develop real estate objects linked to their real addresses.

By the end of summer 2021, the revenue of total players on Upland exceeded $1 million. As of September, the platform has 130,000 monthly active users. The 30-day total trading volume exceeds $3.5.

Players move around the map and discover new lands or find treasures, for which they get UPX tokens. It can buy land and use it for real estate construction. The landlord receives $0.03 per day in UPX. If you collect certain parcels, you can get even more UPX and impose an even higher tax. Also, the land can be sold on the NFT market.

The internal UPX token is not traded and cannot be redeemed. However, Upland offers players the option to trade UTX for USD using the Tilia platform.

9-Star Atlas

One of the most anticipated innovations of 2021 brings together blockchain technology, DeFi, real-time computer graphics and multiplayer video games. Star Atlas is a space Metaverse where players can live together or destroy each other, creating a new world together with unique opportunities and economies. The project was created on the Solana blockchain. Preparing to be released in full functionality, players can purchase galactic assets on NFT sites.

The game offers users the opportunity to explore space, fight, create material values ​​in NFTs, trade, trade and implement political strategies. Successful winners are rewarded with ATLAS and POLIS tokens, which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. In-game items are also traded on NFT marketplaces.

The game enables the creation of 36 billion ATLAS tokens and 360 million POLIS tokens. During the initial listing on the FTX, Raydium, Apollo-X exchanges, two percent of the cryptocurrency was sold for a total of $2 million. As of October, ATLAS is trading at $0.117 and POLIS at $8.16.

We have listed the 9 best crypto games where you can earn money while playing. Keep following us.

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