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Bitcoin and altcoins have been around for almost a decade. Alright cloud mining sites? The most important thing about this type of digital currency; Mining is the process of creating new coins by solving complex computational math problems. In other words, the digital currency must be mined before using your crypto assets. It may seem easy, but it isn’t. The biggest problem is that Bitcoin mining is a very expensive business and therefore not everyone interested can do it. To start mining crypto assets on your own, you must purchase mining equipment, software, which is extremely expensive, among other accessories. High electricity bills, noise and heat are other disadvantages of the mining process.

The alternative was cloud mining, which allowed BTC and altcoin mining using shared processing power hosted in remote Data Centers. The only mining hardware you need is your computer (or even your smartphone). Choose a provider, hire a miner and track your fixed passive income daily.

Meanwhile, cloud mining sites provides many benefits for both beginner miners and seasoned crypto-asset investors. Let’s start here, it can help you save costs. With cloud mining sites, you do not need to purchase any hardware and software. Also, you don’t have to incur any other extra costs (like electricity bills). While mining cryptocurrency on your own can be a complex undertaking, mining with trusted cloud mining sites is quite a simple task.

Let’s take a look at the best and reliable cloud mining sites that offer to mine coins with a small investment. Here are our personal favourites:


Our initial interest is SHAMINING, a UK-based company that offers cloud mining under various contract types. Launched in 018, it can be marked as the best and reliable cloud mining website today (especially for beginners). Currently, the company provides global customer service, successfully sharing its capacity hosted in three Data Centers (South Africa, UK and California, USA).

The minimum deposit amount at SHAMINING is only $250, while the return rate is 143%. Looks like a very profitable deal, with pretty good indicators. For example, with a $5,000 cloud mining contract, you will get $890 in revenue from coin mining in just one month.

(And don’t forget that it’s really passive income, it literally does nothing). So, in just one year using this type of cloud mining contract, you will get a net profit rate of $10680. Extra benefits of this UK-based cloud mining provider are 24/7 customer support, fast payments and a really fun, user-friendly interface. This is why we mark SHAMINING as a reliable cloud mining platform to earn Bitcoin from home (or anywhere in the world).

Available contract options:

  • CPU miners (23 580 GH/s). The current price per 1 GH/s is $0.0120. The return rate is 143%.
  • GPU miners (94 340 GH/s). The current price per 1 GH/s is $0.0113. The return rate is 149%.
  • ASIC miners (235 849 GH/s). The current price per 1 GH/s is $0.0109. The return rate is 156%.

To start mining crypto assets on the SHAMINING cloud mining platform, sign up and deposit using your preferred payment method: your BTC wallet, IBAN bank transfer or Visa or MasterCard credit card. Note that the cloud mining process starts immediately after purchasing a contract.

Axenmine (

Second, another UK-based cloud mining provider. Axenmine is a fast-growing company that allows users to mine Bitcoin without purchasing expensive equipment or any special accessories. With over 3000 investors for now, Axenmine maintains its own BTC mining pool with several Data Centers. Yield rates start at 143% in Axenmine. And its platform makes it one of the best and reliable cloud mining websites among other providers.

Let’s take a closer look at what Axenmine currently offers to crypto-asset investors. You can create a hassle-free account to earn Bitcoin with guaranteed daily income. Invest at least $250 to purchase a suitable cloud mining contract on Axenmine and choose your perfect plan. So far, a company offers several options.

  • Beginning. Hash rate is 90 000 GH/s with 143% yield. It costs $0.0120 per 1 GH/s.
  • Professional. The hash rate is 450 000 GH/s with a 149% return. The price per 1 GH/s is $0.0120.
  • Clever. The hash rate is 2 000 000 GH/s with a 156% return. Current price is $0.0120 per 1 GH/s.
  • VIP. A premium plan with unlimited Hash power. Also, the average yield here is 170+%. You can get up-to-date prices upon request by contacting your manager or technical support representative.

What is the real profitability of cloud mining on the Axenmine platform? By purchasing a $5000 BTC mining contract, you will reach $650 in just one month (actually, this is an average monthly profit). According to calculations, your passive income in the first year you use Axenmine will reach $7800.

You can also use the Calculator tool to calculate estimated daily, monthly or annual earnings under any annual cloud mining contract on Axenmine. You can also easily control your miner (or even several miners) with your computer or smartphone.

CryptoUniverse (

Our next stop is CryptoUniverse, one of the well-known and largest cloud mining services that offers a stable passive income every day and every month. You can rent a shared Hash rate on CryptoUniverse and create a personal plan to earn Bitcoin daily. The rental period options are 180, 360 or 540 days. Investments start at just $48.5 and we consider it one of the lowest entry amounts among cloud mining platforms so far.

The company offers various types of cloud mining contracts for professionals and beginners with any investment amount. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.


  • Current price is $35 per 0.5 TH/s for 365 days. The daily income from cloud mining is $0.19, The daily electricity fee is $0.005, The daily management extra fee is 4.9%.


  • Current price is $426 per 30 TH/s for 180 days. The daily income from cloud mining is $11.63, The daily electricity fee is $1.8, The daily management extra fee is 4.9%.


  • The current price is $3 871 per 50 TH/s for 360 days. The daily income from cloud mining is $19.38, The daily electricity fee is 4 dollars, The daily management extra fee is 4.9%.


  • The current price is $9 702 per 100 TH/s for 540 days. The daily income from cloud mining is $38.76, The daily electricity fee is 9 dollars, The daily management extra fee is 4.9%.

Another option that allows you to mine Bitcoin on the CryptoUniverse cloud mining site is an affiliate program. Every registered member can easily create an affiliate link to share with their friends and earn additional income from purchases made by any new user invited via referral link. Thus, you can earn up to 10% depending on the amount spent on the referral under the CryptoUniverse affiliate program.

Hashmart (

Hashmart is a trusted cloud capacity provider with miners who take care of everything from equipment supply to regular maintenance. The company offers the opportunity to lease a capacity for cloud mining with zero downtime risk. The Data Centers are located in Siberia, Russia and include powerful ASIC miner pools that allow the most efficient mining of crypto assets. The other pro of Hashmart cloud mining is reasonable prices with zero extra fees.

The cloud mining provider supports a variety of plans that vary in hashrate, maintenance fees, and some other details. The most popular option on Hashmart is a twelve-month Bitcoin cloud mining contract. There’s also an open-ended system that provides 300 Gh/s and 250 Gh/s capacities to choose from. The higher hash rate brings the biggest cloud mining opportunities available to the user. Currently, one platform supports both crypto assets and fiat currencies payments. You can purchase your cloud mining contract at Hashpower with a credit card, any Bitcoin wallet, or via bank transfer.

Hashmart only allows you to cloud mining Bitcoin for now. But they soon have the idea of ​​increasing and adding Ethereum and other cloud mining contracts in mind.

Ecos (

Ecos is a legit cloud mining platform that shares hash power capacities with 85 500+ crypto-asset investors from all over the world. The Ecos team does everything to provide the global crypto asset community with safe, reliable and surprisingly simple tools for BTC ecosystem development.

Cloud mining at Ecos is a simple and fully available affair for professionals and beginners alike. The provider gives users 24/7 access to mining power without any extra effort. Its main advantages are a simple mining process (noobs friendly), reasonable prices for cloud mining plans, and daily instant payments.

Cloud mining contract term options are 12 to 50 months here. Capacity prices start at $149. Any user can start earning Bitcoin by signing up with Hashpower and creating a new cloud mining contract. Some popular options are:

  • One-week Elon Musk Index and 1792% profit historical growth.
  • Top 10 Index with a quarterly period and historical growth of 919% profit.
  • DeFi protocols Index Historical growth with a two-week duration and 726% profit.
  • NFT Index with one month duration and 2541% profit historical Growth.

The cloud mining platform accepts payments in both crypto assets and fiat money (via MasterCard and Visa credit cards).

What is cloud mining? How does it work?

Cloud mining is the simplest way to mine crypto assets without purchasing and managing any special equipment. It is the process of creating new digital currencies using remote Data Centers with shared processing power of a provider. Because cloud mining is offered as a service, it usually includes some costs and fees.

In other words, cloud mining involves the Bitcoin mining process by leasing mining hardware from a third-party cloud provider company that is fully responsible for maintaining the equipment and paying utility/electricity bills.

What are the advantages of Cloud Mining?

The biggest benefit of cloud mining is the opportunity to create crypto assets without purchasing expensive equipment from anywhere in the world. There are some extra advantages:

Reasonable prices for cloud mining contracts.
Quick and simple registration process.
Cloud mining won’t create an uncomfortable environment in your home (traditional hardware mining will certainly do).
Finally, you don’t have to pay high-priced electricity bills.

Is cloud mining safe for me?

Although investing in crypto assets does come with some risks, cloud mining is safe if you are purchasing a contract on a legit, trusted website.

How can I convert crypto to cash?

There is no problem in converting a cloud mining cryptocurrency to fiat money such as USD or EUR. The most popular options are crypto asset trading platforms and platforms and Bitcoin ATMs. Then, many cloud mining providers support direct transfers to Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

What is Hash Rate in cloud mining?

When we talk about hash rate in cloud mining, we mean a unit that measures the computational processing power of the BTC network. For example, when it reaches a hash rate of 7 TH/s, it means that the network is performing 7 trillion math calculations per second.

Is cloud mining legal?

Note that cloud mining is completely legal in most countries in the world (except for certain places like Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Morocco or Bolivia). So when you make Bitcoin using the features of cloud mining sites, you are doing it completely legally.

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