Who Controls Ethereum?

If you are a proud user of Ethereum (ETH) or its native blockchain platform, you may be wondering who really controls Ethereum and is there a genius pulling the strings in this case?

You are probably a proud user of Ethereum (ETH) or its native blockchain platform. You may be wondering who really controls Ethereum. In this case, is there a genius holding the strings? The question is not unfounded, but so are those who are at least marginally familiar with it. Using the words “control” and Ethereum in the same sentence is actually like making fun of it.

Answering the question of who controls Ethereum brings us to the main purpose of this cryptocurrency and blockchain platform: decentralization. Ethereum is not really controlled by anyone in the sense that it is not an omnipotent entity or conspirator to take it out of the shadows. Ethereum exists only with the involvement and work of the community of its users and developers. They are collectively referred to as the Ethereum network. But who controls the Ethereum network? The answer is the same as Ethereum itself: Originally created by crowdsourcing the work of a programmer community, no one controls it as it is a truly decentralized platform. More precisely, after the code and network infrastructure has been created.

But isn’t the Ethereum Foundation the head of the person controlling Ethereum? The answer is once again negative, as this organization only serves to support and promote the Ethereum platform. The same goes for Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum. He is certainly interested in running Ethereum, but has no ambition or ability to “control” it. Ultimately, it is he who actually controls Ethereum: the community of its users whose resources and commitment keep ETH alive and expanding.

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