What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)

What is JasmyCoin in this guide? We will answer questions such as who created it and what are its features.

JasmyCoin aims to unite data users and suppliers in a crypto economy.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is a cryptocurrency project of Jasmy Corporation, a Tokyo-based Internet of Things (IoT) provider managed by former Sony executives, including former Sony chairman Kunitake Ando. Although in its early stages, the cryptocurrency project may have appeared on your radar recently after JASMY coin listed a number of decentralized exchanges (CEX).

What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)
What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)

Who created JasmyCoin?

JasmyCoin was created by Jasmy Corporation, led by former Sony executives, including chairman Kunitake Ando.

Jasmy Business Model

Jasmy’s IoT business, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, revolves around buying and selling data. In particular, Jasmy matches service providers with data users. Service providers compile user data from various sources to package and sell to data users. An example would be a financial services institution (service provider) that sells customer information to a third party insurance company (data user).

The Jasmy ecosystem consists of three main players: service providers, data suppliers and users.

According to Jasmy: “By using the Jasmy platform, service providers can reduce information security costs, increase service levels, and leverage information held by external users.”

Monetization of personal data is one of the most pressing debates of modern times, after major scandals like the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook fallout. It’s also one of the world’s most sought-after resources: in fact, it’s the world’s most valuable resource, according to The Economist, which first alluded to the axiom “data is the new oil” in 2017.

What Does JasmyCoin Do?

Jasmy Corporation may be tight-lipped in the data economy, but what is the JasmyCoin coin used for? Simply put, “Owning JasmyCoin is a prerequisite for data usage businesses to use personal data stored on the Jasmy platform”. To use Jasmy’s data services, you must first have some JASMY tokens, although the exact amount has not been disclosed.

JASMY coin is also used by service providers to pay rewards to users who provide their personal data. Jasmy hopes this will create a market that brings the value of JasmyCoin along with the data value that increases due to supply and demand.

What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)
What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)

JasmyCoin Tokenomics

The JASMY cryptocurrency supply is divided into 48% ecosystem funds, 27% investors, 20% contributors and community, and a 5% incentive program. The maximum supply of JASMY cryptocurrencies is 50 billion. The circulating supply is $4.75 billion and the trade value is $0.017, which means a market cap of $82.76 million. Although specific rates are not provided, circulation is dependent on market expansion of the Jasmy business.

An ongoing token release schedule has yet to be announced. Businesses must hold a certain amount of JasmyCoins to use the Jasmy platform. This principle should theoretically increase the value of the JasmyCoin cryptocurrency for institutional and retail investors and platform uptake increases.

The JasmyCoin cryptocurrency has secured listings of a number of major exchanges, including Binance, Crypto.com, and Huobi, towards the end of 2021 and towards 2022. Binance’s JASMY/USDT trading pair has a liquidity rating of 802/100 on CoinMarketCap.

The JASMY smart contract was deployed on Ethereum in December 2019. Using Etherscan, we can see that the top 10 owners collectively own 40.56% of the supply. Its biggest investors are on MEXc, Binance and Bittrex centralized exchanges.

The evaluation of the top 50 investors shows that each of the 27 addresses contains exactly 500 million coins, which is equal to 27% of the supply. These are always investor accounts, proving that no investor has cashed out from the project yet. It is owned by the first two owners and private addresses that collectively own more than 18.3% of the supply.

What are Jasmy’s business goals?

According to the JasmyCoin roadmap, Jasmy aims to have 107 million active global users with an individual data value of $500. Besides Japan, wider Asian markets including Singapore, China and Korea are focus areas.

Be it bullish or bearish on the prospects of the JasmyCoin cryptocurrency, if you are considering an investment, always make sure to do a thorough due diligence.

JASMY Coin Review and Future

Jasmy is based in Japan, which has a forward-looking regulatory climate when it comes to cryptocurrencies and is a huge market for digital currency. JASMY tokens can be traded not only for digital transactions and transactions, but also with fiat currencies such as the Japanese yen or the US dollar. JASMY token is a certified Japanese cryptocurrency which makes it highly trusted by large corporations.

The technology and innovation underlying Jasmy make it an exciting and versatile project. While the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, JasmyCoin has several features that help it stand out from the rest, including the continued growth of IoT and the versatile and secure products Jasmy offers for managing private data. Accordingly, JasmyCoin has experienced significant and continued growth. For all these reasons, JASMY can be a great addition to your crypto collection.

What is JasmyCoin? (JASMY)

How Many Jasmy Coin Are in Circulation?

  • Market Cap: $185,387,898 (March 31, 2022)
  • Circulating Supply: 4.754.930.780 JASMY
  • Total Supply: JASMY
  • Max Supply: JASMY
  • All Time High: (Feb 16, 2021) $4.99
  • All Time Low: (Jul 02, 2021) $0.008373

What is JasmyCoin in this guide? We answered the questions of who created it and how it works. Keep following us.

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