What is The Future of Oasis Network? (ROSE)

What is the future of Oasis Network in this guide? We will answer questions such as who created it and what are its features.

Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network with high throughput and low gas fees secure architecture to provide a next-generation foundation for Web3 and power DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Data tokenization and Data DAOs. combines. Oasis will drive web3 forward, scaling it and developing it from infancy to maturity. Backed by top industry backers, Oasis recently announced a $200 million Ecosystem Fund to support projects to be built on the network, and has several Fortune 500 partnerships with Binance, such as the CryptoSafe Alliance, BMW Group, and others. According to Messari, Oasis is one of the two most invested blockchains by top VCs and has one of the fastest growing developer networks in the industry.


  • Splits consensus and execution into two tiers, Consensus Tier and ParaTime Tier, for better scalability and increased versatility
  • Separation of consensus and execution allows multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel; this means that complex workloads processed in one ParaTime will not slow down faster, simpler processes in the other.
  • Oasis Network is the only tier-1 blockchain with native support for Consensus Tier Aggregations
  • The ParaTime Tier is completely decentralized and allows anyone to develop and create their own ParaTime. Each ParaTime can be developed individually to meet the needs of a particular application, such as confidential computing, open or closed committees, and more.
  • The network’s advanced inconsistency detection makes Oasis more efficient than sharding and parachains, which require a smaller replication factor for the same level of security.
  • There are currently 3 ParaTimes in the network created by the Oasis core team.
  • Emerald ParaTime, EVM Compatible ParaTime, was created to solve the problems Solidity developers faced, namely high fees and low throughput. Emerald solves both of these problems by increasing the throughput to 1,000 per second and reducing fees by 99%+ compared to Ethereum. This means that more users can use and create on the network.
  • Cipher ParaTime, the secret smart contract ParaTime, will have features that Oasis is uniquely able to support – smart contracts that protect privacy. As with Emerald, it offers high throughput, instantaneous certainty, and low fees with additional privacy protection features. Cipher allows DEXs to stop front-run transactions, privately protect NFT users’ assets, and potentially unlock trillions of credit and lending markets from traditional finance.
  • Parcel ParaTime, confidential data storage, governance and ParaTime computation, Parcel already has corporate partners such as Nebula Genomics, Genetica and BMW and uses them to store private data such as human genomic data. The parcel provides governance, confidential computation and private analysis of data. Application developers can use Parcel SDK to integrate privacy-protecting data storage, governance and computing into their applications. Parcel is also data token engine that can convert any data into an NFT. We envision this functionality enabling people to take back control of the data they create, transforming it into assets they can risk and reap rewards, thus creating a new responsible data economy.
What is The Future of Oasis Network? (ROSE)
What is The Future of Oasis Network? (ROSE)


The Oasis Team is made up of top talent from around the world with backgrounds from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard and more. The majority of the core engineering team are PhD-level trained and all committed to growing and expanding the Oasis Network’s impact. The project has strong roots in academia; Dawn Song, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and one of the world’s leading experts in computer security and reliable artificial intelligence, is the Founder and one of the first contributors of Oasis Labs, an active member of the Oasis Ecosystem. Oasis technology. Also, the project is supported by top VC firms and investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Binance Labs, Polychain, Pantera and others.

When Was Rose Coin (ROSE) Released?

We can say that Oasis Network, which hosts the crypto money Rose Coin (ROSE), is not a very fresh project. This project started its work in 2018. Having achieved great success in a very short period of time, ROSE coin offers qualified crypto money services to its users. Designed by important talents from various parts of the world, Oasis Network draws attention with the experience of its team. The founders of the platform have served in important positions in giant technology companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google in the past. In addition to these, the members of the team have experience in well-known financial companies such as Goldman Sachs and UC Berkeley. Finally, let’s state that the team has members who have been educated at the world’s leading universities such as Harvard or Stanford. The elements we mentioned made it possible for the Oasis Network team to deliver a unique and quality product to the cryptocurrency community.

What is The Future of Oasis Network? (ROSE)
What is The Future of Oasis Network? (ROSE)

What is ROSE Coin?

Rose coin (ROSE) is the cryptocurrency of the Oasis Network platform. Claiming to be a new generation blockchain platform, Oasis Network operates on privacy. Defined as the first privacy-focused blockchain that the financial industry and data economy can use, Oasis Network is quite ambitious. According to the team on its website, this platform corresponds to a new era for blockchain technology. Throughout this content, we will talk about the Oasis Network platform and what it brings to the ecosystem in detail. We will also include some data about the platform’s crypto money ROSE coins.

Serving the decentralized finance (DeFi) field and the purpose of tokenizing data, Oasis Network (ROSE) expresses itself as a powerful blockchain system. The team claims that the Oasis Network platform is among the most powerful blockchain structures on the market. Oasis Network, which also hosts the crypto money Rose Coin (ROSE), brings its users together with various opportunities. One of these possibilities is the privacy feature. Oasis Network users benefit from confidential and scalable blockchain solutions. In this way, it becomes possible to benefit from the advantages of decentralized finance in a high quality manner. Bringing privacy and scalability to the DeFi field, Oasis Network takes it a step further. Thanks to the Oasis Network, the possibility of realizing smart contracts with confidential properties emerges. Moreover, it was stated that these contracts will include a high scalability rate. Users will be able to tokenize their desired data using such smart contracts.

Thanks to the Rose Coin (ROSE) project, the realization of some innovations in the crypto money ecosystem is on the agenda. At the beginning of these innovations is the introduction of new areas of use to the ecosystem. The fact that users can turn data into tokens prepares the environment for this situation. In addition, confidential smart contracts offered by Oasis Network also prepare the ground for new services. These services include confidential loan facilities, unsecured loans or automated market makers (AMMs).

How Does Rose Coin (ROSE) Work?

Project Rose Coin (ROSE) is a privacy-focused blockchain initiative. This platform, which provides scalability to its users, allows data to be tokenized. Thus, it becomes possible to include new areas of use in the crypto money ecosystem. Oasis Network promises a highly scalable DeFi to the ecosystem. The ROSE network continues its operations using the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Accordingly, we see that there is the possibility of staking this cryptocurrency.

ROSE coin is known as the Oasis Network network’s own cryptocurrency. It is possible to make staking transactions with this cryptocurrency, which is valid for transactions on the network. In addition, ROSE coin users are involved in the management of the network. The consensus algorithm implemented in the network allows this situation.

How Many Oasis Network (ROSE) Coins Are There in Circulation?

  • Market Cap: $270,573,556 (24 June, 2022)
  • Circulating Supply: 5.027.383.223 ROSE
  • Total Supply: ROSE
  • Max Supply: ROSE
  • All Time High: (Jan 15, 2022) $0.5964
  • All Time Low: (Nov 26, 2020) $0.03205

What is the future of Oasis Network in this guide? We answered the questions of who created it and how it works. Keep following us.

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