A Decentralized Messaging App Will Be Released On Solana (SOL)

The decentralized application called Secretum will be released on Solana (SOL). Developed by Lithuanian blockchain engineers and telecom experts, the Secretum application is a messaging app that will be published on Solana.

According to the statement of the Secretum team that will work with Solana, the platform will be the first fully decentralized messaging app in the world. The application guarantees a smooth and secure peer-to-peer messaging experience.

All messages sent on Secretum will be 100% encrypted. For this reason, messages will not be intercepted by malicious people.

The application will not store user data in any form on servers or cloud storages. All messaging will be secured by independent and verified nodes.

Users will be able to log in and use the application without the need for anything other than Solana wallet addresses on the platform. For this reason, it can easily be said that the platform is 100% anonymous.

Users will have the opportunity to trade crypto assets and NFTs, without having to be tied to centralized exchanges.

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