Crypto Whale Continues to Buy Huge Amount of Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The International Business Times noted that for the first time ever a crypto whale received 6 trillion SHIB tokens on Thursday, adding 276 billion tokens today. Other crypto whales also have a huge interest in the asset.

According to the source, the crypto whale made three more purchases after purchasing a massive $43,838,916 amount of SHIB. The whale, which received 116 SHIB in the first place, later bought 159 billion and 1 billion tokens.

Whale has bought 276 billion more SHIB, in addition to the 6 trillion SHIB it bought on Thursday.

Whales’ Interest in Meme Token Increases

Crypto whales are starting to show interest in the competitor of Dogecoin (DOGE). This interest increased even more at the end of June, when the asset was listed by eToro.

After the asset was listed by Coinbase Pro and WeBull at the end of July, the whales were back in the act. More SHIBs entered cold wallets with the listing of Coinbase in August.

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