Price Prediction for Solana (SOL) and 2 Altcoins from Popular Analyst

Popular crypto analyst Inmortal talked about the path that will enable Solana (SOL) to hit all-time highs.

Inmortal says the smart contract platform has bounced back nicely from strong support and Solana is currently positioned for a breakout into the $220 price area.

“Good response in daily demand. If the price can hold above $170, I think we will create a new ATH (all-time high).”

At the time of writing, Solana was changing hands at $146, according to CoinMarketCap. A move towards $220 represents over 45% upside potential.

Inmortal also talked about FTT, the token of crypto derivatives exchange FTX. The popular strategist says he will hoard the cryptocurrency in anticipation of a big move up to at least $80. If the trader’s prediction comes true, FTT will drop to the $50 level before seeing gains of around 60%.

“I think accumulating FTT is the right move.”

Last week, Inmortal said that $100 is the target, saying that there could be a 200% rally in Cosmos (ATOM).

“The plan has not changed, $100 has been programmed. In the meantime, I will try to buy on dips below $30.”

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