Some of the SHIBs in the Indian Relief Fund will be Sold!

5 trillion SHIBs, equivalent to 10 percent of the 50 trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins in the Indian crypto fund, will be on sale!

A few days ago, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, donated 50 trillion Shiba Inu sent to him to the crypto fund fighting India’s pandemic.

After this news, 10 percent of the SHIBs in the funds were sent to Wintermute’s wallet for sale yesterday.

Known as the algorithmic market maker, Wintermute will help turn SHIBs into cash for use in the pandemic.

In addition, the Crypto Covid Fund of India said in a statement that they will sell carefully in order not to affect the market.

You can be sure that the liquidation process will be done in the best possible way to protect individual investors. The whole process will be carried out transparently and in compliance with the laws.

The 5 trillion SHIB, which is currently worth $ 82 million, has not been sold yet.

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