Canada’s North Vancouver Region Will Be Warmed By Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

MintGreen and LEC have partnered to provide heat to North Vancouver with the energy released from Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

North Vancouver, part of Canada’s British Columbia region, will be the first city to use Bitcoin mining to heat commercial buildings and residences. The initiative is expected to start in 2022 in partnership with MintGreen and LEC.

Warming Period with Bitcoin Mining

The environmental impact of Bitcoin mining has become a hot topic, especially after Tesla CEO Elon Musk brought it up heavily.

For this reason, the fact that North Vancouver, which hosts 50,000 people, will use the energy used for Bitcoin mining for heating, stands out as a very positive development in terms of energy consumption.

In this way, it is stated that with the heat obtained from Bitcoin mining, 20,000 tons of greenhouse gases per MW will be prevented from going into the atmosphere compared to natural gas. Colin Sullivan, CEO of MintGreen, said:

“The complex problem of climate change requires a number of innovative solutions, and the LEC, together with the city of North Vancouver, is leading for environmental management.”

LEC CEO Karsten Veng also said that this collaboration is promising for a green future:

“Partnering with MintGreen on this project is extremely exciting for LEC as it is an innovative and cost-competitive project. The company strengthens the LEC’s journey towards greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

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