Fenerbahce Footballer Mesut Özil Asked Followers On Twitter: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Mesut Özil, the world-famous football player from Fenerbahçe, shared a photo of himself using the laser eye current known as Bitcoin the other day. Mesut Özil shared a poll about cryptocurrencies today and asked if it was Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The famous football player shared a survey with his followers on Twitter, asking the question “Bitcoin or Ethereum?” Özil conveyed his question by using the words “Let me ask you the question that everyone is wondering about”. At the time of writing, there were a total of 31,773 votes, and 58.7% of the respondents preferred Bitcoin.

There are 23 more hours to complete the survey.

The crypto community is waiting for Özil to announce an important innovation related to cryptocurrencies.

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