Ticker of Valkyrie’s Bitcoin ETF Changes to BTFD

Valkyrie Digital Assets takes distinctive and remarkable marketing steps amid fierce competition. Cryptocurrency manager Valkyrie Digital Assets has changed the code of its Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund from “BTF” to “BTFD”.

The acronym for “buy the f*cking dip,” the slang for “buy the dip,” is often used by advocates to encourage others to buy more crypto during market corrections.

For example, when MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced another $10 million acquisition in May, Blockstream CEO Adam Back said he was confident the first one was “BTFD.”

Many in the cryptocurrency community praised Valkyrie for the marketing move that will make them stand out.

As we previously reported, ProShares will launch its first Bitcoin futures ETF today. Analysts expect Valkyrie’s Bitcoin (BTC) futures-based ETF to go live by the end of this week as well.

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