Carbon-Neutral Focused Bitcoin Mining Pool Terra Pool Officially Launched

Terra Pool, a renewable energy focused Bitcoin mining pool in partnership with DMG and Argo Blockchain, has officially launched.

According to a statement released by DMG on Wednesday, testing for the pool has ended and the pool has been officially launched. Terra Pool aims to obtain 100% clean and renewable energy power sources and to use clean energy for mining.

In the statement, it was stated that the pool will be audited annually by a third-party independent audit company and the power sources of the pool will be verified so that miners who want to participate can determine whether the pool meets the clean energy requirements. DMG CEO Sheldon Bennett used the following statements in a statement on the subject:

“Today, Terra Pool has been extensively tested for large-scale operation and has become the backbone of DMG’s mining operations. (…) A better scaled Terra Pool will provide market-ready, “green” and clean mined Bitcoin.

As it is known, after the Bitcoin energy FUD, Bitcoin miners turned to renewable resources and the leaders of the industry announced their investments in initiatives in this field. Terra Pool was the latest venture in the field.

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