Mclouds Mining Company to Stop Its Services in China

Mclouds, China’s largest cloud mining company, to stop its services in China until December 31.

Chinese blockchain news site 8BTCnews announced that Mclouds, one of the largest cloud mining companies in China, will cease operations for its customers in China and will withdraw from the region by December 31.

China has banned crypto mining and trading, declaring all crypto transactions in the country illegal. With this ban, multiple crypto-asset trading platforms began to cease and relocate their activities in China.

According to the information in the source quoted by 8BTCnews, Mars Cloud Mine, which is part of the Mclouds company, also announced that it will cease its cryptocurrency mining operations and withdraw its mining assets and services from China. Mclouds is a platform that provides solutions for Bitcoin and ETH mining as well as Filecoin.,

Mclouds to stop its services in China

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