Ethereum Bridge Hop Protocol Announces Airdrop for Early Users

Ethereum bridge Hop Protocol will hold an airdrop for early users.

Hop Protocol announced on Thursday that it will launch the governance token HOP and an airdrop for early-stage users. The HOP token will allow the protocol to organize itself as a DAO called Hop DAO.

Hop has reserved 8% of the total 1 billion HOP supply, corresponding to 80 million tokens, for bridge users and those adding funds to their liquidity pools. Among the bridge users, addresses that sent more than $1000 and made at least two transactions between chains were identified to thwart airdrop hunters. The team identified 43,000 Ethereum addresses that met this criterion before Thursday when it made the announcement.

In addition, 60.5% of the supply goes to the treasury of Hop DAO; 22.5% was reserved for the founding development team. Hop team said 9% will be used to recruit future team members and investors.

Hop is a popular cross-chain bridge that connects Ethereum with other EVM compatible blockchains. With this move, the protocol has joined other projects that have airdropped early users such as Optimism, CowSwap, and Connext.

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