Ethereum (ETH) Could Be Ready to Break This Month According To Analyst Justin Bennett

Closely followed cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett believes the leading smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH) is poised for an exit this month.

In a recent strategy session, Bennett says that Ethereum is facing a crossover resistance that has kept the market in a downtrend for about four months.

“We have a trend line extending from the November peak. Since this time, Ethereum has made lower highs. It has not been able to reach a higher level since the end of last year.”

While Ethereum continues to respect its cross-resistance, Bennett says that the second-largest altcoin by market cap is supported by a bullish streak going into 2020.

“At first glance, this low seems to extend from this January low… However, if you go back, this level actually extends into 2020. You can see that there was once resistance in August [2020] and then right here before breaking [November 2020]. Throughout [2020], this level was resistance in the last part of the bear market for Ethereum. Fast forward to today and you can see where this level has served as support so far in the last few months, 2022.”

According to Bennett, Ethereum is now trading within a symmetrical triangle and ETH is approaching the top of the pattern. The crypto analyst says he expects the smart contract platform to come out of the mold this month.

However, he stresses that the breakout could go either way, as he says Ethereum has yet to provide clues for a clear directional bias.

“At the moment, this is still a pending game because at the moment the market is still consolidating… So to confirm a breakout one way or another, we need to see Ethereum close here above this level, so this trendline is around $2800. Or look for a daily close below this area around $2500.”

If the bulls break the diagonal resistance, Bennett says the target is ETH’s $3600 resistance. On the other hand, breaking the long-term support will likely drop Ethereum to $1700.

“Basically, we can say that Ethereum is set for a 30% move higher or lower. The key is to wait for that confirmation.”

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