Morocco’s Largest Bank Has Joined The RippleNet Network

Morocco’s largest bank, Attijariwafa Bank, which has $53.3 billion in assets under its management, has joined the RippleNet network. With this move, Ripple will be able to perform real-time transactions with the bank’s partners.

RippleNet has added another bank to its network. Strengthening its presence in the Middle East, Ripple has included Morocco’s largest banking institution, Attijariwafa Bank, into its payment network. RippleNet’s banking partners include giants such as Santander, Bank of America, IndusInd Bank, Banco Rendimento. The bank also announced a partnership with Thunes, a Singapore-based B2B cross-border payments network.

Adnane Driouech, head of international cash management at the Rabat-based bank, described blockchain technology as a fast and seamless way to transfer money. As a publicly traded company, Attijariwafa Bank, whose shares are traded on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, has more than 4,900 branches in many countries such as England, China, Spain and Tunisia.

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