Ripple Announces A New App For XRP Ledger!

Ripple announced its latest move for XRP Ledger. The company announced the Pyhton application that will offer important solutions for XRP Ledger.

RippleX’s development team has been working on XRPL-focused solutions for a long time. The team has released a new guide that will significantly reduce the coding process in XRP Ledger:

“Ripple is excited to announce the launch of xrpl-py, a pure Python application for interacting with XRP Ledger. The Xrpl-py library will simplify the most difficult parts of XRP Ledger interaction (such as serialization and transaction signing) by providing native Python methods and models for XRP Ledger transactions and core server API objects. “

According to the statement made by Ripple, XRP Ledger previously only had Java and JavaScript applications. Now this situation is changing.

The RippleX team stated that their development experience on xrpl-py makes it suitable for both Python experts and beginner users. In this way, Python experts will make strong use of the application, while inexperienced people will get rid of many unnecessary details and have a simpler interface. The RippleX team has also published a very rich guide to make the process work more efficiently. In addition, a live broadcast was held on the Twitch channel.

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