What Would Happen If You Bought $100 BTC, DOGE, and ETH on Mother’s Day Last Year?

Gifts for moms often include cards, flowers, personalized items, and gift cards. Gifts for the unconventional can include investments in stocks or cryptocurrency. Mother’s Day 2021 is celebrated on May 9, when cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest topics in the world and can be a popular gift for holidays and anniversaries.

So what would a cryptocurrency gift look like? If you invested $100 in BTC, DOGE, ETH for your mother, what would it be worth now? To answer this question, we have calculated for you as Kriptokoin.com. Here is how much a $100 investment can buy each cryptocurrency at its high price on May 9, 2021:

  • Bitcoin: 0,0017 BTC
  • Dogecoin: 143,3435 DOGE
  • Ethereum: 0,0251 ETH

If $100 had been invested in each cryptocurrency on Mother’s Day last year, at the time of this writing it would have been worth the following:

  • Bitcoin: $61.08
  • Dogecoin: $18.55
  • Ethereum: $67.49

In other words, the three best $300 cryptocurrency gifts to your mom would have been worth $147.12, down 51% today.

What would happen now if the same gift was received the previous year?

While the $300 cryptocurrency gift was lower than last year, someone who bought their mom $300 in cryptocurrency on Mother’s Day in 2020 would likely get a big thank you from their mom. A $100 investment in BTC, DOGE and ETH on Mother’s Day 2020 could purchase the following amounts of each cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin: 0.0104 BTC
  • Dogecoin: 38,270.19 DOGE
  • Ethereum: 0.4727 ETH

These three investments would be worth the following two years later:

  • Bitcoin: $373.68
  • Dogecoin: $4,952.16
  • Ethereum: $1,271.01

A $300 investment on Mother’s Day 2020 would be worth $6,596.85 today and represent a 2,099% return in two years.

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