Our Publication Manifest

The main purpose of SinceCoin is to ensure that people who are interested in cryptocurrencies can use their right and freedom to receive information to the full, and to show the necessary care and effort for this. Our effort is to be fair and open-minded, to include certain points of view by examining different conflicting views and predictions.

In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative to comply with all the rules of independent, free and objective publishing. The news is based on its truth, timeliness, objectivity, being balanced and fair, and freedom of expression and criticism in its interpretation. This principle also constitutes the essence of the principle of the benefit of human rights that we take as basis in our publishing.

In the broadcasts of SinceCoin, care is taken not to distort, exaggerate, or censor the facts, and not to be under the influence of pressure and interest groups. In this context, justification such as not staying behind in the increasingly accelerating media world does not lead to the justification of mistakes and mistakes. Errors and mistakes are corrected quickly and honestly.

Truthfulness is essential in the news. It is imperative to include all dimensions of the truth, opposing views and claims in the news. It is necessary to obtain information and answers from the persons and institutions that are the addressees of the allegations and, if not, to indicate this in the news. We do not forget that it is a basic reader’s right to know different opinions and evaluations.

Nobody can be declared responsible in advance, unless there is concrete document and verifiable information in news and comments, it is essential that the reader is informed accurately and completely. A style and language that will tell the truth is used instead of the style and language of official authorities.

In news and comments, the investor’s interest is not avoided. In this context, it is necessary and obligatory to avoid publishing that will put investors in a difficult situation, and to pay attention to and protect investors. It is indispensable that the environment in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market finds its exact response in broadcasts, and that what is happening is conveyed to the audience with all its colors and sizes.

Authors working for the SinceCoin agree to abide by the general publication principles of the SinceCoin. They have the right to reject suggestions, suggestions, requests and instructions outside of this basic line. SinceCoin employees do not receive any instructions regarding their work from anyone other than their superiors.